The Open4Sale Solution

‘A revolution in online shopping’

Imagine a more exciting, more rewarding online shopping experience – shop anywhere in the world in the comfort of  your own surroundings, having your very own dedicated ‘shopper’ give you real time personalised ‘in store ‘ service with your favourite  local or international  stores worldwide! 


Imagine giving your customers traditional, personalised ‘in store‘ experience and service via real time high definition video interaction as they shop from anywhere in the world!

Well, imagine no more……… it’s all coming…and a lot more!

Together, let’s change the online shopping world to what it should be… Fun!

Simon La Barrie


The new way to shop.


Our Story – Our Vision

The Founder, while shopping for friends via video call as he travelled, saw a massive gap online and a opportunity of building a live more connected online shopping mall for all worldwide…

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Why And How It Works

In order to build a “game-changing” product to facilitate online shopping, We must extend our vision beyond the current paradigm into change/disrupt things-this is why Open4Sale technology was created.

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The world now wants a more personal and trusted ‘customer -focused’ approach to the online shopping experience, but there is nothing on the market today that can do this!

So, let’s give it to them with:

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Benefits – Our Next Steps

``Meet and Greet`` Events Worldwide First

Before we go live we want to go on the road and meet our market personally with our ongoing celebrity social media campaigns around the world with our partners included.

Our plans in our partnerships is to go on the road, meet and greet as many business – consumers worldwide as possible in a fun more personal level. Gather more valuable feedback – to make sure the experience is even better than you  expected.

Connected Store Membership Benefits

By helping your business in delivering a leading user experience at the Point of Sale To Fully engage connected customers by Enabling Retailers into create strong customer engagement and loyalty through meaningful interactions and offering the only truly omni-channel solution and to be further enhanced to your personalized needs

Membership Benefits

Get invited to our VIP and promotional event sales.

Be the first in the world to have this game changing app

Get invited to live fashion shows around the world – able to purchase from quicker.

Get first notice of our online Mall flash sales and book a live sales person first.

Get our FREE upgrades of our newer features faster

Investment and Partnership Oppurtunites

If at all interested in our company, by all means contact our Founder personally here and let’s talk together of possible partnership synergies and how you can be part of ever changing way we are to position the online world in the future.


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